"My co-worker asked me if I have lost weight- she noticed a difference already. When I told her about your program she asked what it changed and I said “Everything… but Nothing!” Meaning you’ve changed the way I approach health and fitness but I don’t have all these strict diet and workout rules. Amazing, thank you!"


"Mooch and Mel are the perfect combination of life coaching and fitness. Their energy and all the exercises (both physical and mental) made a huge difference in how I think and feel."


"The tools you are providing us with are so, so, so valuable. My favorite thing about this course is that I'm able to take it at my own pace but I still get just as much out of it - I never feel "less than". It's catered to all different kinds of lifestyles and learning abilities and that's not something that's easy to find."


"Thank you for providing a space and community for people to feel, learn and grow. Thank you for caring so much about people. From the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you."





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